Sunday, 24 March 2013

Building No 19

The famous (for around here at least) wine festival 'Toques et Clochers' was held this last weekend. We went up on the Friday evening to claim Ezra's prize for the painting competition, (proud moment), and then escaped with his cheque before the hours of speeches that would no doubt follow. This building has something to do with wine and sits in majestic ugliness at the start of the village of Gardi. It's all you really remember of Gardi as it dwarfs the church, the war memorial and the few streets. Did planning exist then? I assume in the 50's? . . . obviously not, or perhaps Paul Nash lived there for a while and designed it for them. I can imagine it featuring in one of his eerie landscapes.
Actually, I rather like it. It might look more at home in a huge port or something, not on a gentle slope leading into a small French village, but it obviously has or had an important role to play.

The splashes of colour are, I think, decorations celebrating the festival that became dislodged in the mad March winds.
May might be a better month. The thought of walking around a drizzly, cold village clutching an even colder glass of Chardonnay never appeals to me.

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