Monday, 20 October 2014

Building No 44

Or buildings - okay, I'll choose beach hut number 261 in this case as I like it's colour combination of azure paint and dark varnish.

The Beach Hut is the ultimate summing up of the word snuggly for me. Perhaps not if it was a hut on a californian beach, but anything along the British coastline summons forth images of grey, lashing sea, wind, kettles on one ring gas cookers and battenburg cake. Of course there are the languid days of beach towels drying in warm breezes and sun-loungers, but it's the grey days of retreat from the elements that I recall. Many times down on the Dorset coast while walking along one of the promenades in late summer I've observed the great British art of 'making the best of' - beach hut owners with Sunday papers, tea and digestive biscuits, sitting huddled, with the next kettle of water heating up.
Occasionally, huts come up for sale along this stretch of coast and I have allowed a dream to wander for a few moments around my head before reading the price tag.
Here's a good one: located at Hengistbury Head, a windswept portion of the Dorset sea front - a mere 126.000 pounds.

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