Saturday, 27 August 2016

One year and a couple of months

Last summer a new band was formed (along with, no doubt, about 500,000 other ones) but special to us as our son was the drummer.
From tentative attempts at a few Muse songs they soon progressed to thirty or so numbers, still mostly covers but with a sprinkling of their own compositions.
I hadn't seen them play for a couple of months but went along to a gig last night and was amazed at the recent progress they have made - confidence (but not too cool to forget that the audience need to be included - a problem with many French 'fete' bands) great energy, and an exciting display of what many, many hours of practice can produce, (thankfully we have very tolerant neighbours . . .)
So, the end of summer looms and the band will disperse a little - two members to Toulouse, our son to Carcassonne, but they are determined to keep it together, regular meet ups and scouting for possible venues. This time next summer . . . Toulouse Zenith?

An extract of The F.E.W playing 'Yogurt song' last evening. Note Freddie the bassist at the end realising he has bloodied his strings after an enthusiastic previous Funk number.

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