Sunday 27 January 2019

Moments in time


I was listening to, I think, Russell Brand, talking about memories - when they were formed, and passing the place where the memory had occurred.
He mentioned a particular moment near a certain wall, and on viewing the wall again considered that the memory could still be there, somehow - more or less that, anyway.
I often wonder about this with regard to particularly poignant recollections - maybe not anything overly exciting but for some reason a point where the brain decided to hold onto those a series of images and/or sounds; sometimes so strong as to feel that the moments will always be physically there in time at a particular place.
The photo above is me at the age of about seventeen, taken by my boyfriend at the time in his sister's bedroom where I had got changed to go to a wedding - possibly his sisters; I can't recall that fairly important fact . . . What I can recall is the satin of my junk-shop dress and the feeling that I was rather dressed-up - me, usually in jeans and shirts. I wonder if I went back into that house now, whether - in the, no doubt altered room - a slight presence of me might still be there waiting patiently for the off.
Weirdly, I can recall absolutely nothing else from that day - the wedding - church or registry office, smart hotel reception or crappy disco. No idea. I'd ask my ex but I've no idea where he is now. Maybe he'll hazard across this blog and be able to enlighten me about those moments in time.

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