Thursday, 16 July 2009

Occasionally, its good to be alone.

These are the folks I live with.
I love them . . . and sometimes it's good to have a day on your own: no wet towels on the floor, eat snack lunch at 3.30 in the afternoon, listen to crap records over and over again…
In fact the main reason to have the odd quiet day is to find out where one was in the 'art process'.
It was a useful day, and I think I've worked out where I am heading.

The painting I'm working on currently. The start of a series about train travel, and corresponding to the sketch shown in the previous post.  


  1. i love this painting... how big is it? how much is it?? thumbs up on the new series! bravo!

  2. Hello there Carrie,
    Its 90cm by 122cm. Haven't considered prices yet as its one of a series of 10..seein as its you darlin...sure we could find a good deal...ring me sometime...x