Monday, 19 October 2009

Ear of fear

This is an ear position of angst. Cold morning, talk of 'walkies', possible huge dogs of death, security of snuggling-zone temporarily lost.
According to a book I was reading about brains in general, the dog's brain cannot project forward (no great surprise) therefore dog is in a state of perpetual 'presentness'. When the pack go out, leaving the lone dog, they think (or as far as we know) — that's it . . . I've been left for ever. That's why they are so pleased to see you on your return, not because you are the best thing since marrow bone.
More ear soon.


  1. If they can't project, how come they know its dinner time? Lily is of course always in a state of readiness but if I haven't fed her by her usual time she will lead me to the kitchen. Quite unequivocally. And she can recognise particular car doors slamming, so memory and projection are in play. Is Lily an exception that proves the rule?

  2. Good point...
    most of what I wrote could be b********. Its true our lot get very restless at times of the day concerning walkies, teatime etc. They have very good body clocks, and certain things provoke awareness of imminent familiar happenings, the car door, etc, but they can't project that when you leave, you will be returning for sure...however much you tell them you are only going to the bank for 12 minutes.
    Interesting. Would you like to start a café philosophic on dog habits and memory?

  3. wouldnt mind. Reminds me of doing Ethics 1 and 11; my prof was immersed in conciousness notions as a function of human rights and this meant excluding animals from the frame. If you have watched a bird teaching its young to fly or a duck loosing its chicks or a dog making choices etc etc then conciousness becomes somewhat apparent- we fought a lot.
    Would this be a virtual café?