Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Mr Rothko's holiday home

Didn't know he had one near Limoux, did you?

I love these paint try-outs. I keep seeing them on grey crepie (French artex-like substance) walls. Sometimes they stay as testers for years — an idea people must have had, for when they get round to it, bit like our shutters.
I think this a particularly good example. A slight difference between the acid drop yellow and the wine stain red . . . Maybe it was each member of the family putting forward their own idea, or whatever was left in the garage.
If I could remember where it was, I would go back and see what they had decided. I think the deep ochre would be the least offensive?

1 comment:

  1. A bit complicated for a Rothko, don't you think? Seven whole colours AND a drainpipe? Rather too interesting as well! Must admit I never have worked out what makes Monsieur R world class . . .