Wednesday, 5 January 2011

In with the new.

Bought new diary yesterday and wrote list of resolutions on front page.
Useless activity as I never follow them, but this years is just . . . smile a lot. Not so much in a 'count your blessings' sort of a way, more that I look less manky if I do, even in moth eaten winter garb.
So out with the old. Christmas is once more in a box in the loft; two glass baubles bit the dust, and a new piece of tinsel joined the crew for the next outing. Tree is usefully engaged in fire lighting, and parrot cage is installed in its place.
All the lurking bills and unpleasant phone calls are being slowly paid and made; trees will be pruned, work will be restarted, carnaval masks will be painted, and a gradual move towards spring is anticipated.
Happy New Year.

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