Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Funny thing life...

Mark and I say this to each other at least once a week.
The moving forward through the various stages of our existence's; the seasonal comings and goings, the familiar, the uncharted . . .
Had a good chat with above pictured boy-person this morning on the usual walk to college. He has suddenly made a leap forward in the life thing. The realisation that what you get out of life generally depends on what you put into it. This is a wonderful moment - if it will last. Less nagging re homework, jobs etc.
Ezra has acquired an interesting mix of genes from us, as far as learning goes.
French for example. I muddle through, unashamed of errors, picking up mostly from what I hear/see in conversation, lazy? possibly, to busy to really make time. Mark is very different. He constructs the grammar perfectly, works hard at it and enjoys the learning process.
I think Ezra is in the middle somewhere, but I hope he leans in Mark's direction for his current school work. On the other hand he is becoming a fine drummer from just listening to music and years of table tapping - something to be said for finding the way yourself too.
Part of this morning's chat included the recounting of a dream in which he was living in a small basement of a factory making buttons, while his friends were outside being well known rugby players/writers etc . . .
He asked me if he didn't do well at school would he not be successful in life, big question for 7.30 in the morning, and very important to reply properly even if one is still mentally in bed. I seemed to say the right things, and he went off determined to do well in his French evaluation, having STUDIED for it - a possible first.
I watched him turn the corner towards college, and walked home my head full of memories of his stages so far in life.

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