Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Bees blossom birdsong

I think we might be in for a good fruit year. The cold probably killed of many bugs, and the blossom seems extra . . .what's the word, can't think of one, but the image of that woman in La Dolce Vita comes to mind.
What a beautiful time of year: to be woken by birds, once again to watch the leaf cutter bees making for the holes in our table as we eat on the terrace, and the mad Parma violet-pink of the Judas tree blossom adorning the front garden.
Today is grey and damp after yesterday's rain, much welcome after June-like end of March. We are proud owners of two more water butts. It was crazy to not harness water from the 'abri de jardin' roof, it's only taken five years to get round to it . . .

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