Wednesday 1 May 2013

waiter waiter - do I detect some irony in your manner

We partook of lunch in the restaurant at Carcassonne airport a couple of days ago.
I'm sure its prices have plummeted - oo, visual plane reference there, but really, I seem to remember thinking wow, pricy menu. No longer  - 14.50 euro for a three course menu including: eat-as-much-as-you-possibly-can buffet for starters and sweets. I've never seen Ezra's eyes light up quite so dramatically; the thought of multiple puds.
We gingerly walked in, imagining we were about to find out that the set menu was only for the third Tuesday in every month. The head waiter showed us to a table stuck somewhere at the back and near the noisy air-con unit. Friend Penny, who did live in America for many years and thus is not scared of stating out loud that she would prefer something else, (as appose to us cringing pure English types), asked him if there was a better option. I waited for the semi-polite half shrug and 'bof' but this guy was a master: "Huh, well . . . eef you want, I suppose . . . that one." If he could have shoved us into a small smelly cupboard with out anyone seeing, he would have.
We sat down and he presented the menus. After three seconds of consideration he asked: "Wat you want, ze feesh or ze meat, hein?" (Come on, hurry up). Then it dawned on me, he was presenting a character study of a typical French waiter. He brightened, we brightened. He asked If Ezra wanted white or red wine, or some grappa, talked on and explained why we were furnished with strange knives that rested with the blades upwards. "So, is not dirtying the cloth, good, hein? He was really funny, we liked him. I would go back there just to converse further. "So, you have met the only French man with a sense of humour?" he laughed and continued, "Yes, ze only sampa French person, ha-ha-ha."
"Where did you learn English?" Penny asked him.
"London," I lived zere." Figures really. I might go back and interrogate him further, if he hasn't been removed. I wonder which part of London he lived in?

I wanted to do a review on Trip advisor for the resto but it doesn't seem to be there, shame as it was excellent value, and not just because of Monsieur featured here.

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