Monday, 3 June 2013


Oh yes . . .
I remember why we seriously thought about moving here.
That was about six years ago now and it was a last minute bout of cold feet that put us off: chucking it all in, start again, noise, crowds, aggression, price of somewhere to live etc etc . . .
But standing on the top of the 'Cité Radieuse' the iconic 'Le Corbusier' building, all the feelings were seeping back again.

It's something about the hills/mountains that surround the city, viewed from just about anywhere, the glimpses of the sea, the port - a continual reminder that there are huge natural things surrounding you, water, wind, towering white crags: it's possible to escape at any point into semi-wilderness or into blue nothingness on a boat.

Yeah . . . the grass is always greener . . . I love where we live and we don't have to exist in a fifty meter square box, and Mark can play the piano when ever he wants. I know all these things but it doesn't completely shut out that daft sneaking a look at estate agent sites, and thinking about how our son might benefit from in a more cultural environment. Or maybe it's just that five year or so itchy foot thing that we both get sometimes.

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