Sunday, 1 February 2015

Box sets

Ahhh, winter: log fires, soup, hot water bottles and  . . . box-sets - mostly Nordic Noir at the present time. Sad but true; they see us through the long winter nights. Why we both want to sit and look at grim, pale landscapes and discoveries of grizzled corpses, etc, is a bit of a mystery, but the urge seems to persist.
This is the best yet: The Bridge - to my mind anyway. We're way behind most people and I think there's another series with different actors now. I would be unable to watch it however as this cast are supremely brilliant.
Take a  robotic and obviously mentally damaged, genius woman detective, and a warm, troubled, over-emotional man detective and throw them together over a murder mystery planted exactly between Denmark and Sweden on the magnificent bridge connecting the two countries; throw in a twisting demonic plot, cold designer houses, bleak cityscapes and a good splash of black humour and you have something utterly memorable.
Here's a clip of 'Saga' engaging 'Martin' whether he likes it or not on the subject of his sex life; something she has been reading up on in 'self-improvement' books in order to make sense of the mysterious emotional world most other people inhabit. I can't remember where the scene is from in the series, but they're probably on the way to investigate some tortured body in an icy, grey empty warehouse on the edge of the icy, grey nordic sea.

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