Thursday, 24 September 2015

it's a chippy Jim, but . . .

Back in the good old UK, I was expecting to experience a couple of food staples that we do miss over here (France). I ticked the cream tea of the list after a happy and cosy couple of visits to tea emporiums with the suitably reassuring features of glass cake stands holding overly-large Victoria sponges and big soft scones; cottagy pictures and teapots as appose to the French 'bag-in-cup-of-tepid-water'. I failed to visit an Indian restaurant, but did get to a fish and chip shop; however, not something I would recognise as a F and C café, or this instance, restaurant. When did chippys start having glittery marble floors like the duty free department in an airport; champagne behind the counter and fancy oblong plates? The ones I hold dear in my heart are full of formica tables, mugs of tea and adverts for terrible pies.

I sat down warily and ordered haddock and peas, wondering if the bill would echo the champagne.
It didn't and the fish was excellent, however the slab of crispy yellow, and portion of electric peas just didn't sit well within the environment of sleek plastic seating, nouvelle cuisine china and funky lighting. It was out of plaice (ha-ha), didn't ring true. I think (and hope) the decor might have a definite lifespan before the owners might themselves have a pang of nostalgia.

Hilda kemp working in a London chippy in the 50s

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