Monday, 21 September 2015

Mad . . . probably

I've always thought that having a dog is a good thing: two, getting a bit complicated, three - mad. But we seem to have taken on another one.
Gala, our 'Galgas' or Spanish greyhound (yes, those that are tortured, hung, etc in Spain after being deemed as 'past it' as hunters) leads a double life. With me and son she is happy, waggy and playful, but when Mark is about she becomes a silent scared beast. Not that Mark resembles, or at least I imagine not, a Spanish hunter - being six foot six, blue eyes and pale-skinned.
We have no idea why she views him as a threat, but after two years it's no different - I can only imagine she saw or suffered some terrible things as a pup and has never recovered, viewing all men as a threat. Anyway, in order to try and create a different atmosphere we have become a host family to another Galgas who we are assured has no fear of men. And so far this is totally accurate. She loves Mark: head on knee, follows him about, whimpers when he has disappeared from the room for more than a few minutes, etc. So far so good, and I hope a little of her extrovert-ness might teach the older dog to be less afraid.

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