Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Building No 55


I was reminded on seeing this ghost of a house interior, liberally slopped with? builder's mousse? of Rachael Whiteread's concrete house (now demolished). An insult, I'm sure - sorry Ms Whiteread, but there is a resonation there - inside space; who lived there, what they left behind, a certain presence . .
There seem to be a lot of these in Spain - semi-demolished buildings shored up with bright orange, brittle foam. I wonder how long they are supposed to remain thus?
The one I've idly noticed in Port-Bou on countless visits is still there - un-demolished, and orange.
I suppose it protects the walls from rain and sun, but it must be environmentally-disastrous, all that toxic foam, and you don't get to see the ancient wallpaper/choice of paint colours from decades ago.
Not that everyone will be too excited by those remnants, but I find it fascinating, the narrative of a building.



                                                House by Racheal Whiteread 

I had to add this - I just looked up the spelling of Mousse, and found this photo of a sad lady in A&E waiting for treatment after using builder's mousse instead of hair mousse.


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