Monday, 8 February 2016

majestic beasts

We are lucky to own one, two in fact, and a small runty-edition in the shape of a three-legged Italian greyhound.
As any reader of this blog will know, I mention these dogs frequently, but they are a continual source of wonder and hilarity. Looking for a dog? We can recommend re-housing a 'galgos' or Spanish greyhound. Used (and mostly abused) for hare-coursing in Spain these elegant creatures of ancient race are regarded as non-beings, something to maim and kill in horrific ways when their time is up (a very few years).
Plus points as pets: they shed very little hair, don't smell (except a very faint scent of warm something - toast, perhaps) don't require mega-loads of food, will hike for hours, or are happy with a couple of well-paced walkies a day, bark rarely, and most important, have a wonderfully calm and affectionate nature.


                                                  'Bali' on a walk this morning

Negative points. Err . . . can be tricky with cats, although our house cat survived very well, until passing away last year - not through dog attack, general old-ness.
They are quite large but will try and climb onto your lap.
Not recommended perhaps if you are ultra-house proud, or at least sofa-proud as any couch or chair will become a dog bed. These are creatures of little hair and like to sleep elevated, preferably surrounded by wool and humans.
A link for anyone tempted. These dogs desperately need homes.
There are similar associations world-wide, and for other 'sighthound' varieties such as the British Greyhound.

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