Thursday, 14 July 2016

Lost in translation

We've all seen them - translation howlers, and I'm sure I've made hundreds in French, such as the traditional faux pas that most new 'ex-pats' make: Je suis chaude, rather than J'ai chaude - e.g, I'm hot in a 'give it to me' fashion. Quite sensible, the French version, when you think about it: I have hotness, rather than I am hot . . .
And our favourite French menu misunderstanding . . . 'side idiot of tomato' or pan con tomate' from Spanish, meaning bread rubbed with tomato, the con being idiot (or actually far worse). We've also seen 'paving slabs of salmon' and tornados of beef. Cousin Nick's best one from Bali - stick meat with bees. You could spend your whole life collecting each nation's best examples (hmm, not a bad idea . . .)
Here's a few internet examples of Chinese misinterpretations as pointed out by my son,
when he had managed to stop laughing.



Not my pics, but they would have been! Thanks to internet posters.

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