Sunday, 3 July 2016

Further proof that we have gone somewhat wrong somewhere . ..

My son, often quite fascinated with food (eating and preparation of, and nothing wrong with that) was trawling through Youtube looking for the most absurd signature dishes of Michelin starred restaurants.
He found some pretty good examples - lentil-sized vegetables trailed across plates the size of a hub-cap; smears of pale yellow foam that looked remarkably like dog bile and many other 'components' fiddled and faffed with by deadly serious chefs wearing medical gloves and armed with tweezers.
I think that's what I find most repellant - the over-handling of food, turning it inside out and squirting it into tubes, cubes, balls and just about anything else . . . including a lamb's skull. Yes, a (obviously bleached clean one - Oh, well that's okay then) lamb's skull. But not just putting brains back in with perhaps a nice simple tomato sauce - flies, worms and garlic flowers . . . I stared at this video and said: 'Nah . . . must be a joke'. But it seems not. 
The Alchemist restaurant in Copenhagen specialises in such wonderments as part of a 45 course menu at around three hundred pounds.
So, it was lunchtime and we decided to make a small foray into the Nouvelle Cuisine world - maybe not quite so exciting as a lamb's skull full of worms, but really quite tasty and cost about eight quid.

Organic veal strips in Banyuls wine with a julienne of carrot and courgette, fresh pineapple timbale with bonnet chilli, garden chives and 'fait maison' cherry coulis, served on a white, circular plate.

After too much looking at all this we decided to make our own Nouvelle
Cuisine experience, just the one course though.

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