Friday, 3 February 2017

community matters

After catching the end of a feature on Radio 4 this morning I Googled 'Window Wanderland' and found a million images relating to a winter event that takes place in the streets of Bristol.
A great idea of Lucy Reeves Khan, the premise is to make your own front windows a nighttime gallery, display or mini-theatre piece - whatever you like for one evening. As a fan of wandering about suburban city streets and looking into (usually with slight voyeuristic-guilt) evening-lit windows I applaud such an unusual and creative idea.
As Britain detaches itself from the mother mainland I feel more ideas like this will be needed -  British eccentricity, irony and humour, used in small community and larger communities; something to unite town inhabitants and reduce suspicion of 'strangers'; something to be celebrated and possibly to be exported. I'd love to see the night windows of my small French town undergoing the same treatment, but I just can't quite imagine it actually happening . . .

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