Sunday, 25 February 2018

Being on a roll


Bit uncomfortable, depending on the roll - not much purchase on one of those shiny egg-glazed ones, bit bumpy on a granary, maybe a soft bap type of a roll - squashy, giving . . .
Oh. That sort of a roll.

Odd phrase when you analyse it, but I am on one - a roll.
After seeing a literary agent a month or so back and being given the carrot of further possibilities, I'm into a serious re-write on my latest novel. It's what I needed really; the book had got to a level that people were commenting very positively (thank you all!), and enjoying the read but I knew, if I thought about it honestly, there was a mountain of stuff to be turned over, prodded, ripped up and re-constructed depending on which particular section of the novel I was looking at.
Interestingly the only other person who'd voiced serious doubts about it when I'd passed it to him for inspection, was another (published) writer. I didn't want to hear the comments at the time, but he was right. I suppose I just needed someone who might give me a crack at the real publishing world to say it, again.
So, all other projects including re-editing my last book (the Hundred and fifty-Eighth Book) and re-working my trilogy, Going Out in the Midday Sun, are on total hold while I scratch/tap away at the main thing, ceasing only to eat, sleep, walk dogs, and as little else as possible.
Below, my writing room (corner of sitting room next to the wood-stove) with London map with my scribblings, and notes/timelines and reminders.
Blog back on normal mode soon . . .


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