Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Uri Gala

 As opposed to Uri Geller.

                                                              The eyes have it...

Our dog, Gala, is blessed with similar metal-bending powers, albeit on a very small scale. As with most owners we have made sure she has her name medallion, engraved with phone numbers etc, firmly linked to her collar. As she is, on the surface anyway, rather . . . light on common sense this is even more important to prevent dog loss. The other dog, Bali, will run off if able and return some time later licking her lips after raiding some unspeakable bin or other. I've seen her running fields away but she know where she lives. Gala does not, or at least pretends to forget. We shall no doubt never know for sure...

Gala pondering on the meaning of life

She has had four metal medallions within the last two years, one bone shaped, three, just yr regular round ones. Each time they have mysteriously dropped off the collar, despite making sure the rings are strong and secure enough. On the last attempt, Mark attached it with a small but heavy duty sprung clip - the sort one might use halfway up a mountainside in order to not revisit the Earth's crust unintentionally. And yet again she has managed to lose it. It seems actually impossible, unless she can, with two paws, fetch pliers and painstakingly undo the thing. She obviously does not want to be labelled for some reason. Fair enough, she is 'chipped' unless that's also been stealthily removed...

                           Gala communicating with the water gods through a humble tap

                                                                and with the Earth gods

We once had a Dutch B and B guest who studied Gala's head for some time and said: "I like very much the drawings on the face." It's true, she does appear to have certain sketches within the velvety fur, and I'm sure one particular one has been slowly developing into an eye shape over the last few years. Do we perhaps have a sooth-sayer, a great seer of everything, the knower of the ultimate truth within our modest pack? 

                                                     The third eye - (just off center)

Perhaps Gala does know the answer to everything. Why not? Her general behaviour appears more rational than most persons in power on this maligned planet... 

We will be opening personally-tailored dog psychic sessions with Uri Gala when she has decided the time is right. 

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