Thursday, 27 January 2022


And we are! The little 'eari' chicken has 'done' three eggs . . . unusual for winter time and a young lady at that but she's obviously happy in her new home, so, wonderful. The two 'Pekin' chickens who look as if they are wrapped in downy duvets have yet to lay an egg and the Russian chicken I anticipate producing a sort of odd cubist egg possibly in a black and tan colour-way to match its livery.

The chicken man who turns up in the local market with a van full of fowl hasn't been there recently so we can't buy a few more normal hens at the moment to add to our flock. There is talk of going back to the place of weird chickens, maybe another earring one, a silk feathered specimen, a giant Sussex white . . . 

We had the clutch of pale green eggs for breakfast this morning and they were delicious, just on a slightly smaller scale than the average supermarket ones. These chickens lay less than the full-on egg producers and that's fine. They lay slower but over a longer period of time thus probably living a longer and less tiring life. 

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