Saturday, 1 January 2022

New Year's resolutions.

None. Can't be bothered as I never keep them for more than about four hours.

I like swearing, so I'll keep on doing so, in moderation, for moments which require it. Not much to give up as we eat pretty frugally already - all previous meals surpassed however by this new year day's lunch - an ex milk carton of frozen soup; not sure what it was, possibly split pea and vegetable matter, actually rather good. And a recycling point for milk carton re-purposing rather than buying plastic food containers?

Speaking of which, it seems Macron, our leader, has decreed that there will be no cucumbers wrapped in plastic from the first of January. Some other veg and fruit too. A long way to go still but it's a start. I might invite him for lunch and point out the fields near us which are covered in meters of one time usage plastic, a new and ugly thing which must be hugely more devastating for the climate as I suspect it is burnt after being rolled up and discarded at the edge of the fields...

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