Friday, 2 September 2022

Top dump

In praise of our local déchèterie or dump. Actually, it's not our nearest but its worth going there for the employees cheeriness, efficiency and organisational skills. Everything is sorted into as many categories as you could think of from past-it duvets, a whole container just for plaster board offcuts, another for those annoying boingy strips of plastic that surround tile packets and suchlike; paint, windows, kitchen sinks, furniture, etc and with an emphasis on 'if you can use it, take it away' unlike our more local dump where the workers scowl at you for asking if you might rescue something from a container.

Today we unloaded a car's worth of old plasterboard and rubbish from our nearly completed (thank the Lord of all DIY) gite project, and rescued a stack of beautiful blue and white plates which had been left along with a trailer load of perfectly good stuff which could have gone to Emmaus. The main guy had nodded at me as I had walked back to the car with the china. 'Bravo. I don't understand why people drive out here to throw away such stuff.' He had glanced back at the trailer where the china had come from where its owners were busily throwing away a serviceable false Christmas tree complete with baubles, bags of kids books, china and fabrics. 'Yeah, I don't get it."

Added to the perfection of this establishment was their red painted stuffed fox placed in the centre above the recycling bins.

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