Monday, 28 August 2023

Unfitted kitchens and jam cupboards.

Personally, I like kitchens to feel unfitted - a friendly slightly chaotic jumble of loved crockery, pictures, furniture and - depending on the time of year - garden/gathered fruit or veg waiting to be made into jam or frozen for the less abundant months. I think all the kitchens I've ever owned or shared have had these elements, even the more squalid rental places - maybe not the ex-student share in West Norwood . . . there were natural things in that kitchen, but not things one would want to eat, raw, cooked or otherwise . . .

Our current kitchen is the best so far: large, heated by a sturdy wood stove, interestingly shadowy and cosy in the winter months and very cool in summer. We added flea market sofas, the table that has been with us in various houses these last twenty years or so, and built basic units adding recycling emporium cupboard doors and marble work tops. The huge and ancient dresser came from le bon coin, a very useful second hand site, and was said to have been hauled out from a chateau in the area - true or not, it certainly has great age and is so heavy I doubt it will ever move from its new home.

The latest addition is the strangely slim and tall dark wood cupboard which now resides next to the fireplace. I spotted it in 'Aspire' a charity emporium in our local town, and knew immediately it had a mission to become our jam storage facility. This years crop is filling its shelves: blackcurrant, strawberry, peach, spiced blackberry and marmalade. Next up: pomegranate and fig.

Peach bottling - experimental....

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