Friday 22 September 2023


Mum used to call me this in a wry way when I was about to embark on some new project or another house move or undertake something probably a bit daft; and she was probably right - sometimes. However my actual name, Hardy, has interesting background info for me. I was once told by our lovely vet in Limoux - previous town of residence - that I have a Breton name. 

We've just come back from Brittany having spent three wonderful days exploring the coastline of Finistere and I must say I do feel very at home there. It's probably an influence of many childhood holidays spent in Cornwall, and a remembrance of several years living in the Peak District - stone houses, trees bent under the influence of strong winds, fairly wild landscape.

The draw of the sea is very strong for me - not so much the gentler Southern seas but the Atlantic with all its tidal changes; the variation just within a few hours and the palette of silver, blue, turquoise and green. A discovery this time was the forest lined criques and the beautiful walks along their lengths, with occasional swimming breaks if the tide was in enough. We stayed in a small hamlet set back enough from the sea to be sheltered but with a distant glimpse of its ever changing colour. Ideal house for me? Small, stone with wood burner, walled garden and distant sea view . . .  Maybe one day, Miss Hardy.

Quick sketch of boats at Port Manech

One of the Breton Hardy family emblems 


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