Monday, 21 September 2009


Greetings dog lovers and dog non lovers.
Just thought everyone should marvel at the shape of our tiny dog.
This is Satie, an exceptionally small (runty) Italian greyhound. Think I'll start a book about his ear positions soon; there are over 50 including, ears of fear, alertness, dinnertime, walkies, cats, birds, relaxing in sun, worry about the future etc etc.
Satie was actually named: 'Donatello des tendre calins' (Donatello of the tender cuddles) but as calling that over the garden would be daft to say the least, we changed it to the name of a favorite composer. Incidentally, Satie used to only wear grey velvet suits — he had twelve of them; this little dog looked like a scrap of dark grey velvet when 'new', hence his title.
If anyone needs to re-home a huge black greyhound, we might consider it to go along with the titch and the medium sized one.

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  1. I almost wrote about your improbable dog in my blog! As you know I'm a bit of a fan, possibly because he's more like a bat or a furry reptile (eh?) than a dog and doesn't make an incessant bloody horrible racket.

    Thank you for you comment, it makes a sad old git very happy to know he's being read!