Sunday, 13 September 2009

Vide greniers and fruit gathering

Actually its Sunday, but I liked this image.
Good day today. Not productive in personal work fashion, or even cleaning house/garden fashion. Just a nice Sunday with family and friends.
Mark and I did both wake at the puritan hour of 6.00 am, and were watering trees on our piece of land by 7.30, but after that it was just a day hellbent on pleasure . . . well, a vide grenier (car boot sale) at Cepie, and a relaxed lunch; not exactly mooring the sleek white boat at St Tropez and nipping off for a spot of lunch with various Hollywood mates.
Would we want that? No!
The V.G was fun, full of unused fondu sets, exercise bikes and spa foot baths. Mark bought a boxed set of Edit Piaf albums; Ezra a non-functioning but attractive watch, and myself, a beautiful solitaire set with huge semi-precious stone marbles, which everyone has fiddled with a lot all day.
Friends bought a massive tray of quiche and other lovely stuff for lunch, then later we picked figs and plums up the road for one of the last jam experiences of the year.
Mark now has guilt for having enjoyed himself in so relaxed a manner all day, and is hard at work on a music program, mixing sounds of himself walking up a mountain in the Lake district combined with eerie sounds of a distant church service. He has also made at least 10 pots of fig jam, and I consider this to be a fair achievement for a Sunday afternoon . . . will go and ply him with fizzing wine in a minute.

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