Monday, 4 January 2010

Blues removal.

I woke up this morning.
This was true, which was already good; not everyone can say they woke up this morning, but I suppose if they couldn't say that they had woken up this morning, they would no longer be with us. Anyway, I did, and I felt a bit crap, partly due the January 'Jack The Ripper' weather, but partly as Mark is about to depart to the land of clogs and round cheeses for 2 weeks. What can we do when we feel like this?
For me, its commencement of small unimportant tedious jobs, which give a feeling of accomplishment (sad) then lead on to the bigger picture.
Todays prime example of tedious job was washing the car. This is our noble old Kangoo: filthy, stinky and beaten on all sides including the roof, where I backed into an overhanging sign which said: do not reverse here, in a car park. The cat has started a new hobby of getting in the car, getting trapped and peeing on the seats . . . nice! So the overall feeling of getting in the car recently has been . . . depressing.
An hour later we had a beautiful shining thing sitting on the drive: amazing! A sponge, two buckets of water lightly anointed with floor cleaner, quick hoover round, and my mood changed to positive — was even able to go to the bank and make a R.D.V that I had been putting off.
Mood changes are a strange thing. Must read up on what the function of feeling crap actually is, there must be a reason for it. Perhaps some people never do feel down, but then you wouldn't really appreciate when you were feeling very 'up'. Think I must stop here, and make a cup of tea, or take the dogs out.


  1. you have to feel crap or you'd be like Pollyanna and we would have to kill you.
    Or maybe its a vibe put out by sentient cars to get themselves clean.
    Then there are the great anti-crap devices; doughnuts, fudge, agatha christie, brisk walks, lachrymose evenings with people who can't get away. Ameliorating the crap makes it worthwhile at least in retrospect. Chin up!

  2. Ameliorating the crap... love it!
    In fact I did, and have got a bank loan to make studio...hurrah!!!

  3. wow result!!!!! I think that answers your question OK then, at least for the time being.