Sunday, 3 January 2010

Washing as art

Tracy Emin's bed be damned.
This is far more interesting.
I have lost our clothes airer. It is red and about two meters long; how is it possible to lose such an item? It's not even in the garage. I think someone must have taken it on our open art day. Good luck to them - it was more annoying than a deck chair to erect, and strangely space consuming in its angularness.
Make your own Tate installation. One very long piece of string and various bits of furniture to attach it to. The string position can be varied according to where the sun's rays enter the house during the day, or whether the fire is lit.
I have further site-specific pieces on the outside walls of the house, and on the terrace if it's raining.
Clothes as ancient as some of ours have stories to tell, especially if they have come from a vide grenier (car boot sale) first.
The oldest item on display in the current exhibition is Mark's 'Criminal' long sleeved t-shirt. Purchased in the clearance department (who on earth could be this shape?) of T.K. Maxx about nine years ago, this garment has been worn during gigs, house moving, gardening, midday naps, hikes, cooking, jogging, and other 'stuff' . . .  Roll over Tracy.

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