Friday, 10 June 2011

Don't panic.

Good old Douglas Adams, wherever he is; somewhere exciting I hope.
Fellow H.H.G.T.T universe fans will remember the famous words on the cover of 'the book' (not the bible) mind you, if it did have, 'don't panic' printed on the front it might get a bigger readership these days . . . I often recall that phrase and many others from his writings, and I think I might finally know 'where my towel is' so to speak.
Had a bit of a revelation the other day re stress. We were in a fairly thick and muddy patch of it. Art trail and all associated music events etc, dog with broken leg, mother staying, all normal work to juggle etc. There was added stress to do with 'who had put what where', and 'why was this lost' etc, etc.
I started to get a niggly jaw sensation which was the build up to a lot of horrid neuralgic pain I had had before. My body was saying 'bloody well calm down' basically, so I did.
Have done a lot of cogitating over the last few days about what we call stress, what use is it etc, then I read an article which really did put all our stupid ideas about how much pressure we are under into context.
We all can give examples of how cruel life can be but I think this is the one that will remain in my head as a reminder of what we have, and why we should never moan.
There are people living in the jewelry quarter of Calcutta who spend all their waking hours (including kids) sorting through buckets of other peoples excrement in the sewers to find (if they are lucky) some tiny fragments of gold they can sell back to the manufacturers in order to keep themselves and their families alive.
Puts worrying about whether Mr Bricolage are still stocking the tiles you have run out of somewhat in perspective.
A lot of our so called stress is self imposed, especially for self-employed bods like us. We take on too much; it seems like a good idea at the time, or sounds interesting or is just crucial to keep the bills being paid.
The point is - must stop rambling - if one tackles the same amount without adding stress into the mix it works better. A bit of adrenalin is good, keeps the mind focused; angst and worry just muddles everything.
So I have been for a week now, not stressed. I am less cross with the boy, I let more stuff wash over me and don't soak up other peoples stress and turn it into guilt. I feel better, people are saying I look loads better, I seem to have lost several frown lines. Nothing else in my life has changed, I'm just trying it without adding my own self imposed stress baggage.
Well, we'll see . . .

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