Friday, 18 May 2012

Elderflower Olderboy

Gosh another year has gone . . . somewhere. Think I blogged about Elderflower cordial before, but so what. A great way to celebrate spring, by making free stuff to drink. Well, free elderflower - sugar from Leader Price.

Ezra then went on to make strawberry soda: strawberries and sugar in a bowl overnight, then pour fizzy water onto the beautiful jewel-red juice. Mmmm, good with ice unless weather is like today in which case perhaps with custard.
Going back a step to 'Leader price,' much as I hate super markets, I must admit L.P is almost a pleasure: There are only ever two people shopping in there; they have a small but good choice of stuff and they don't keep moving it around. There's no canned music, no annoying announcements and the staff are friendly. The whole thing takes about ten minutes and you don't end up buying a wilting tree, three for the price of two canned pigs trotters, or a nasty set of bedlinen by accident - as there isn't any.

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