Sunday, 20 May 2012

Our trip out . . .

Yes! a miserable wet day. Ezra had been waiting for ages for such a day to visit Castelnaudary. Unlike most people who might want to look at a sunset, some beautiful rolling pastoral hills or an ancient monument; he wanted to revisit an old ? factory in aforementioned town.
Here are some happy snaps from our lovely day. We even sat in the car in the rain with a thermos of tea to heighten the pleasure.
I was rather pleased with the images of a seated horned figure, and the rusted pink number. This is appearing twice in this post, not that it is so great, but I can't find out how to remove it having loaded it twice by mistake.
We also saw two boats going through the lock system: amazing series of 'water steps' I think there were four seperate gates.
Took a different route back home and discovered a new landscape of grassy hillocks and views onto the black mountains.
All in all a super trip out.

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