Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fete de la Musique

At last a great evening on 'fete de la musique'. Normally we are in Limoux hoping that this year's events will be wild with music and dancing. No. It apparently was same as ever, Dead. Instead we were at the small village called Fa near Experaza. Despite being no more than a church, some houses and a very nice bar, the organisers had got four bands, food, proper light and sound system. Excellent! Here is our group, 'Les Quat' Cats playing something, possibly Honky Tonk woman, or a Beatles number . . .Mark hidden by drums, Eddi on Guitar, Stan, bass and vocals, me, vocals and sometimes drums, while Mark nips to the piano. Next slot: St Jean de Paracol fete 15th Aug, and a wedding in Nimes next week.

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