Friday, 15 June 2012

You learn something every day.

Actually you learn a lot of things, well I do anyway. Like if you leave Toulouse at 5.30 you will get stuck in a huge traffic blob and it's always good to look in your wing mirrors when reversing, to avoid hitting green metal bollards. Before I learnt these things I also learned that Blagnac is actually a rather quaint little town, not just an airport. It has a wonderful species of church: rose brick as Toulouse, newly painted door and ongoing work inside. The painted ceilings are magnificent, but it was a tad dark . . .here are some images of it's old wood-scented interior. After, I wandered to a café in a heavenly state and sat writing for an hour with not a bad cup of tea. Then reversed into said bollard and got stuck in traffic blob. Remained calm and serene throughout.

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