Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ho humm, nice day isn't it?

Early morning stroll in grimy tunnel before breakfast in Cerbere.
Mark is sound collecting: banging a rock on disused metal pipes, Ezra possibly thinking, why can't I have a normal childhood, or actually, he was probably thinking: where are we going to eat at lunchtime, and what puddings will there be.
We then found a new route through an even darker, grimier tunnel and arrived at the foot of 'the green planky house'. I had to resist, as always, the urge to knock on their door and ask if I can look around inside. A Character in my book lives in this house, I would love to see if my imaginings are in anyway accurate.

Amongst the brambles and train debris were flowers and insects of great wonderment.
Coffee and croissants followed before packing up and leaving the hotel. We shall return: Perhaps in winter when only one cafe is open and the railings sing in the wind.

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