Sunday, 15 September 2013

Building No 26

I would really like to live in this. Well, perhaps with a bit of the other building attached to it, to have a bit more space. How did they get planning permission for it? We had months of paper-shoving just to get a window the size of a baking tray approved. Or perhaps it was always there? a sort of medieval super-shed.
The views across to Mont St Victoire (Provence) are stunning from this hill, (we got lost trying to find the motorway to La Ciotat) and this elevated stone shed must have the best views of all. If Ezra hadn't stopped me, I would have knocked on their very picturesque door and asked what they do in it. I would have it as a thinking room, possibly with a small kitchen in one corner for tea-making and perhaps a micro-woodburner for when the Mistral blows.

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