Monday, 24 March 2014

Second hand dogs

Back in September we finally went to collect Gala, a rescue Spanish Greyhound, (see previous posts) after visits had been made by members of the association to check we were suitable for the dog, vice versa, fences high enough, the cat wouldn't get eaten, etc.
One thing they never did check is what sort of sleeping arrangement she would have.
I must send them this picture of the poor, long-suffering hound on her sun bed where she spends quite a bit of time when not on the indoor sofa or on a 'walkies'.
At least we managed to give one of these incredibly graceful hounds a good home; sadly there are thousands of others each year who live a life of beatings, stab wounds and finally a death that I cannot write of as my keyboard will become soggy and thus useless.
For anyone who would like to adopt a Galgos/Galgas check out this link. There are other associations too in France, UK, Netherlands and elsewhere.

Good choice of dog for exercise. Gala will hike happily all day, or make do with a couple of fifteen minute walks and then lie about looking beautiful. They are, or she certainly is, completely docile with people, kids, dogs and cats (in the house anyway). She smells faintly of warm toast, drops virtually no hair and came to us house-trained. She woofs very occasionally, and it's usually for a good reason - help, my bladder is full, or the other
And you get to have a dog that might have appeared in a previous life in any number of Italian Renaissance court paintings at the feet of some royal person or other.  (UK)

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