Saturday, 29 March 2014


Incredible source of information, imagination - and, an unimaginably huge, black hole where hours just disappear.
I looked up Tommy Cooper this morning as Ezra had said juslikethat for some reason, and all the memories of that manic hulking man came flooding back. Before I knew it I had spent fifteen minutes, not looking at Tommy Cooper, well, I did for the first five minutes then noticed one of those X factor things - man who died on stage during, whichever thing it was. Of course I had to look. Actually it was pathetically bad, but I clicked, like an automaton onto the next, and the next . . . STOP: jobs must be done, money earned.
After the jobs, I thought I'd just do a quick youtube experiment.
I put in CATS and wondered how long, going off on any presented tangent, it would take me to get back to CATS.
Armed with cup of tea and notebook, I started. (I didn't watch most of these, otherwise I would no doubt still be writing this on Sunday evening)


Cats sleeping in funny positions compilation 2013
The Russian sleep experiment/I read creepy pastas??
Awkward escalator (LAHWF, there are hundreds of these, so about ten pages later, I nearly gave up) Hypnotist gets out of speeding ticket, (not paying rather than stepping out from a speeding ticket I assume)
How to touch beautiful women
How to touch ugly women (not really)
How to use negative suggestion (some bloke who had posted about three zillion films – fast forward many pages)
Alan de Botton on pessimism
The pleasures and sorrows of work
thinking like a genius can improve our lives
The genius of Marie Curie
Albert Einstein - how I see the world
Black holes - what are they
People who still walk on all fours
Radioactive wolves of Chernobyl -  this could have been a death metal band, but wasn't.
Gangland female gangsters
Girls in da hood
Girls not in da hood (ha)
Girls in raincoats without hoods (ha ha)
Camping cars - challenger. What!
Five shocking medical experiments on humans (how-from camping cars?)
Twenty-five scary bridges (followed by millions of twenty-five other scary things)
Top ten strangest and weirdest things on earth
Ten weird things found in an x-ray
Something in Russian I wish I hadn't clicked on
Something else in Russian about sex
Many, many things in Russian . . . another tea later, finally an English entry . . .
Life in North Korea
The giants of Iceland
Real-life Ukrainian Barbi
Real life Ken and Barbi hate each other - I did see this and I think it wins the award for 'uh? how is the human race still going?'
Louis Vuitton condoms - see above award.
Inmate found stuck in wall trying to escape from prison
I want the world's smallest waist - actually, this could be the award winner.
Worlds longest dreadlocks

and  . . .

World's fattest CATS.

Odd that there was hardly any sex, music, DIY; no food and only a bit of space exploration to get back to my chosen subject.

Our own cat sleeping in quite a normal position for him.

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