Friday, 14 March 2014

Building No 36

I did go back to Collioure and retrieve the missing bag (see last post) and a lovely day it was too. After lunch, I went wandering and discovered a path that leads out into the vine fields. I say fields; these are not fields as in the sense of strict lines of well behaved vines that we see everyday back at home. These are brown-grey shale slopes of crumbly earth: precarious and weather beaten. No mechanisation here, no tractors, just an occasional silhouette of a lone vine-clipping person, moving between the ancient gnarled plants.
    Dotted about on the slopes sit small candy-coloured vine worker's shelters. There seems to be competition on the brightness and colour combinations used; my favourite was this custard-yellow hut, a playful contrast to the muted earth tones surrounding it.

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