Monday, 4 January 2016

A new perspective


Mist, dew and perspective lines that Uccello would have got excited about, in the Aude Valley.

At the age of about five, sitting in a Muswell Hill Café, I was given a lesson in Perspective (visual). The man sitting next to us had obviously observed some wobbly building I was drawing and had offered to help with the aid of a biro and a napkin. I wish I had kept his drawing, but I can still see it in my mind - train tracks, trees, buildings; receding to an infinity point.
Fast forwarding to sixth form A level art, I became a bit fixated by perspective and did a lot of bad paintings inspired by Afore-mentioned renaissance artist.
I particularly love this one with all the hounds and horses being sucked into some vortex at the edge of the forest.


As usual I've got distracted by google images and have just found a restaurant called Uccello in Sydney, where at this very moment someone could be explaining perspective with the aid of a napkin and a biro.

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