Tuesday, 14 June 2016

ridiculous things

In a world filled with problems, one such being, many, many people not able to afford to eat so much as a bowl of rice, I was amazed to find this part of a review on a certain Michelin star restaurant that we were vaguely thinking of taking our son to when he finishes his high school studies.

I am used to my napkin being unfolded and passed to me. This did not happen. 

What! Really, the napkin was left, unfolded, not even passed to you . . .
I kept repeating this to myself on a dog walk this morning. How could anyone actually admit to thinking that, let alone write it down for everyone to see.
I suppose if you are in the habit of regularly spending 130 quid or so on a meal (per head) then perhaps the way the napkin reaches your lap is of extreme importance, not to mention the food . . .
Anyway, on further investigation I discovered that the special CHEAP lunch menu of this particular establishment is booked up weeks in advance so, sorry Ezra, it'll probably be something more like this . . .


wonderful greek salad I experienced at 'Le Bout Du Monde' near Cerbère, for the sensible price of twelve euros

rather than this:


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