Thursday, 2 June 2016

Self exploration through images

I've just spent a couple of days with my dear friend Penny, excellent portrait photographer and owner of 'photoVoyage'.
I asked if she wouldn't mind doing a few of me before I left and of course being a generous soul she said yes.
When I take pictures of people/friends/family I never know what to say to get the best results. Penny does. She just has a way of relaxing you, so you are just there in the moment, not feeling self-conscious or agonising about the latest new wrinkle or spot.
This photo session was not a photoVoyage but even so I feel the results were a much deeper look into myself than just some ordinary pictures.
Penny is just producing a book about her work and I have been fortunate to see the earlier drafts - a fascinating and beautiful document about her life and her experiences with helping others through her unique invention that is photoVoyage.

A quote from her book:

photoVoyage is not so much a process as an epiphany - using her high class portrait photos and natural conversations, Penny coaches people to better self-awareness and real change.
Penny works with individuals, corporate executives and young people - in fact anyone seeking better self-awareness, confidence and validation

Some images of the many I liked - VERY unusual as I dislike pics (as with many people) of myself.

GOOD hair day, to my mind, even though my mother says 'what on earth have you done to your hair! and worse things . . . '


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