Thursday 9 April 2020

Following on from last post...

... another walk we discovered within our allotted kilometre walk this morning.

I must have driven up the road that leads to a favourite walk about thirty times and most times have wondered where a small path on the right goes. As we were on foot this time it was easier to think - 'okay, let's find out.'
And we did, until Gala the sometimes deranged greyhound ran off... but the bit of walk we managed was beautiful - a hillside full of scented gorse and thyme, a river cascading in the valley below and new-to-us views of the town.

                                                             Gala with her innocent eyes.... 



As an appreciator of small abandoned dwellings and cabanes, I was happy to find an excellent specimen, complete with tiny fireplace, old chairs and long disused kitchenalia (not sure if this a word, but I like it).
I thought the shack and its ghostly owner wouldn't mind if I took a souvenir - an old and much cracked coffee bowl, which will now house a basil plant on the terrace.


In contrast to the wilderness and peacefulness, I recorded a few urban sites on the way home.

                                                a favourite view near the river


                                                   Charming bit of 80s architecture

                                              Weathered lockdown ad hoarding - Ha, Macdo!

If I was living back in London I would no doubt do what John Rogers (urban flaneur par excellence) does and record in detail everything around me, and look into geography and settlements of the past.
Below a recent video in which John uses the allotted 'lockdown' hour to investigate his patch of London.

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