Friday, 25 February 2022

Getting there

Slowly . . . our gite project is gradually taking form; upper wooden floor in place, most of the wall joints done, rails attached for the plaster board and now the ground floor tiling. I can now see why people favour huge tiles, which personally I don't like much, but, bit of adhesive stuff, place the tile and about the tenth of the floor is done. After this, we'll attempt to assemble the staircase, the windows should arrive (orders are massively delayed in France, as probably elsewhere), then just throw the plaster board up, (yeah, right), make a small kitchen and bathroom and wait for guests to turn up. Probably not. I suspect this will take most of the rest of the year and we'll miss the season, but who knows it might all come together quicker than expected.

Right, off for a bath to soak my protesting joints...

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