Tuesday 6 December 2022

Abandoned places

This is the staircase of our local ex-railway station; a magnificent building with carved staircase, and high ornamented windows. As ever while nosing around sad and neglected places it makes me reflect on who was the last person to use that broom, the last person to water the flower boxes now filled with brown crunchy plants. The station must have been of some importance at the time judging by the care taken over the building's construction and its collection of fanciful waiting rooms and WCs. 

I did go the marie recently and ask if there was ay chance that the station might be reinstated - easy enough, not that I know much about the complications of such an idea; all that would be required would be a ticket machine, or they could do the place up, give someone a job, refill the plant boxes, make a tea-room . . . as if. The woman eyed me kindly - mainly as I had already congratulated them on their fine development of park/playground area - and said the mayor was keen to do this but it depended on SNCF (French railway) and 'the region'. 

You'd think that the latter and former would be keen to take several hundred vehicles and associated pollution away from the roads per day as nearly everyone must commute by car to the nearby big town. If it is even an idea I have a feeling it will exist in various in-trays for several years to come. Unless . . . Hm, there could always be a petition . . .

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