Wednesday, 14 December 2022

In praise of Vinted

And all other second hand online and actual shops.

I actually bought the pair of boots on the left NEW!  - not even in a sale - something almost unheard of in this household - and wore them literally to bits over the last five years or so. As they became unwearable other than to do plastering in I started a search for the same ones on Vinted (ace pre-loved clothing site, for anyone who hasn't discovered it). One pair arrived which were too small - odd as they were exactly the same make and size. I re-sold them, and did the occasional search for a different pair. And here they are, now slightly soiled from a few muddy dog walks, but perfect, waterproof, warm and a fraction of the retail price. 

Other recent super satisfactory purchases: slightly shrunk but perfect size for me, black cashmere jumper, just the right cord trousers, three pairs of hand knit new mittens and matching scarves for presents. The fact that any sales one makes can sit there as a wallet for the next purchases is great, the site is very easy and quick to use; less landfill, less fast fashion, bargains. Whoever created it, bravo.

Just checked it - two Lithuanians, Milda and Justas, started in 2008.   

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