Wednesday 10 February 2010

Being on the planet (2)

It's the weather of seaside cafés today.
Crashing surf on rain slicked rocks viewed from the safety of a warm, fuggy interior. Chips, strong tea, haddock or beans, whatever really, just that total pleasure of ultimate snugness.
I was recalling all the cafés I can think of in this genre. One in Whitby, with its stunningly good fish and chips, the chippy on the pier at Brighton, if its still there, another in Cleethorpes - an excellence in melancholic dining; and a superb specimen in Lulworth cove, Dorset.
Can't quite think of an equivalent here, lots of good fish restaurants, bien sure . . . but not quite the same.
Anyway, while thinking about the sea, as I was, I got into a good 'wonder' about why sea, and large expanses of water in general, stay where they are, i.e not running off into space. I know the rational explanations, the speed the earth is turning etc, but is still very odd when you consider it just in a visual sense.
Here is a piece of film I took with the camera 'on the side' by accident. I kept it as it gives a sensation of us, sea, sand etc really being stuck to the planet.
Since I started writing this, the weather has turned bright, very cold and blustery. I would now like to be in a posh hotel's comfy dining room by the fire eating a cream tea.


  1. may I propose the Adelphi, in Liverpool? It has pillars and gilt and space (or did - long time ago)and a flatfooted bottle blonde with a trolley of cream cakes who says watchyerfancy,chuck?
    Not posh, as such; but warm in every sense.

  2. I cannot believe I do not know of this place...being married to a scouser and all...will investigate next visit..