Saturday, 3 September 2011

Going with the flow.

We actually all got a day out, everyone, even runty dog with re-broken leg.
The sea was calling again. Opted for a place called 'La Palme' near Port la Nouvelle as it had some interesting features such as an eerie looking pumping station.
Took the N road and then a yellow road through some pretty villages. Stopped for a pee and then noticed. . . we had a flat tyre. Holiday spirit prevailed, no-one went: "awww its not fair, ******* typical", or anything else. Swerved our way to Sigean, pumped up the tyre and just got to a Renault garage before it shut for lunch.
I love this bit . . . Mark said, "Nous avons un plat" unlike him to say something idiotic in French: hoorah. Being so close to lunch the man obviously thought we were very excited about going to eat our main course or something. How we all laughed . . .  sorry Mark.
There was to be the usual two hour lunch gap so we walked into the town very slowly with hobbling old dog and hopping runty dog. Had a look around for food, not too much on offer. I quite liked the look of a dark mysterious tapas bar with scary looking men smoking on the doorstep, but considering Mark was wearing a pink flowery shirt and holding a tiny dog we might have not been too welcome, or possibly beaten up.
Were about to give up when I saw a sign down the road saying 'Le Potager' on an old black wooden door. Further investigation revealed the wonderful bistro pictured above. My sort of restaurant. Great decor, not at all pompous, plants, old chairs, interesting crocks, even checked table cloths.
We were greeted by the Chef, and I was amazed to recognise him as the man who used to run the restaurant 'Marmite du pecher'(which was brilliant) when we first lived in Limoux.
We ordered. Very reasonable priced menu at 15 euros. The chef came to talk to us, and asked how we would like our fish cooked. The gaspacho was superb, grilled dorade with chunky chips 'copuios' (large) and fresh, my red fruit pudding light and acid sweet, mmmm.
Wish we had this in Limoux!
Car was done. Got in it. Drove to La Palme - not grabbed overly; then being impatient to get in the sea, went to La Franqui.
Last time I went there, the sand was blowing horizontally and a menacing sky painted everything a monotone grey. This time there was enough wind to make the waves a bit exciting to play in, but sun and warmth to make strolling a pleasure. Nice . . . will return. Tired and still very full up from lunch, drove home to seething parrot who was mightly pissed off at being left alone all day.

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